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Research for Business Improvement Districts

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Key Competence/Shopping

Case Study: Profiling Shoppers in Duke of York Square

Duke of York Square in the heart of Chelsea, London is an open air shopping venue providing predominantly fashion retailers, with a strong F&B offer consisting of restaurants, bars, and cafes. In addition it is the home of the famous Saatchi Gallery of modern art.
Owner Cadogan Estates recognised the future threat from rejuvenated competition and wished to shape a new and more forceful marketing strategy. This desire triggered the wish to update knowledge of their shoppers: their behaviour, perceptions, and aspirations.
There was a need to implement the marketing strategy swiftly, hence a tight timetable for ROI Team’s work.


ROI Team proposed four intelligence-gathering projects which could all be completed within two months. Each piece of work had different objectives and produced intelligence of a different type:

Centre Performance Report

Analysis of shopping activity across the Kings Road area, home to Duke of York Square. This report set the performance of Duke of York Square retailers in the context of the neighbourhood and its wider catchment.

Shopper Survey

Face to face interviews with 400 DoYS shoppers using a pre-agreed questionnaire. This work provided data to support the analysis of DoYS shoppers and set benchmarks against which changes in performance could be measured. Key fields analysed for this client included perception of what is provided at DoYS; preferred shopping locations; visiting and spending habits; desire for new tenants; reasons for selecting shopping locations; and many others.

DoYS Professionals

Extended one on one interviews with tenants and agents of DoYS to judge their perception of previous communications with shoppers and non-shoppers.

Focus Groups

In spite of the alleged challenge of engaging with London’s wealthiest shoppers, ROI Team recruited 3 Focus Groups representing the location’s three most prevalent shopping types. Our expert moderator challenged all three groups to articulate their strongly-held feelings about their favourite shopping locations: why they prefer one out of many; what they want to change; what they consider sacrosanct; and probing always for the rationale below the surface.


The findings were presented to the client in the form a workshop, with full hard copy report following. Cadogan Estates are using our research findings to inform their Immediate and medium term strategies. Having been only occasional commissioners of research in the past, they have now appointed ROI to provide for their research needs for the next three years.

Chief Executive of Cadogan Estates, Hugh Seaborn, commented:
“By engaging ROI Team we have been able to prove various hunches that we had about our shoppers and their behaviour. I might add we have also learned a number of things that have surprised us and challenged our thinking.”

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